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Branch Transformation, which we promote in Russia, is not just to offer the client to "move to a more convenient office", but also to increase the efficiency of the branch network, optimize the cost of its development and maintenance, and, ultimately, make it more accessible and attractive to the end customer of the Bank.
Payback of such projects for banks
Almost instantly. Our solutions allow you to save significantly on rent, on staff salaries, and on investment in room repairs.
A micro-office that meets all the requirements of the Central Bank can be created on three square meters in 1-2 days
Interactive Teller
A full-featured ATM that allows you to set up a session of audio and video communication with banking specialists to get advice
Loss of up to 38% of customers
Due to queues, banks lose about 38% of their customers, but our goal is that no customer should leave the Bank without getting a service to go to another Bank for it
Branch transformation
What is the transformation of the branch?
By Branch Transformation, we mean the transformation of the branch network in order to optimize it. In this way, banks can create truly flexible branch networks that can quickly respond to changing market conditions.
Cost optimization
Using a new high-tech approach, known as Branch Transformation, allows you to reduce both the number of staff and the size of the area required for the operation of a particular office.
Improve efficiency
Our main goal is not just to offer the customer to move from one office to another, but to help them improve the efficiency of the branch network and make it more accessible to the final customer of the Bank.
The flagship project
The flagship of the Branch Transformation project is Interactive Teller (Electronic cashier). It should be noted that the cost of creating a cash node or repairing it is comparable to buying several electronic cashiers. A micro-office that meets all the requirements of the Central Bank on the basis of such equipment in a shopping center can be created on 3 m2 in 1-2 days. If it doesn't pay off, it can easily be moved to another location.
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